NRFB vs Deboxer - Pros and Cons

August 21, 2011
One of the great debates among collectors is regarding how to display your dolls. Should you keep them in the box or take them out?

NRFB (Never Removed From Box) collectors and Deboxers have strong feelings. I recently surveyed the collectors in my club and asked them to provide pros and cons for both styles of collecting.



  1. You don't have to open those awful boxes
  2. Your doll will always look brand new
  3. You don't lose the accessories
  4. You get to enjoy the artwork on each box
  5. Your doll will forever hold the designers vision
  6. You don't have to recycle all those boxes
  7. Resale value is typically higher
  8. Special dolls like Convention editions look nice in the box as a memory of the event
  1. Boxes take up a lot of room
  2. Boxes do not age well
  3. Plastic windows scratch and crack
  4. You don't get to see and feel all the details
  5. You don't know if there are hidden factory defects
  6. Once the doll is no longer in your collection, you will never have enjoyed it, unless you don't really care about playing with your dolls


  1. You can fix the factory hair
  2. You can set up great displays
  3. You can check for defects
  4. You can play with the doll and accessories
  5. Can sell the parts (doll head, doll body, clothing, accessories) to raise funds for more doll purchases
  6. Can pack more dolls into a display cabinet, deceiving a hubby/partner into believing you have less dolls than you really do
  7. Can alter or fix production issues and style according to your tastes

  1. Your dolls can get dirty/dusty/damaged easier
  2. It is easy to lose accessories
  3. Resale value decreases
  4. You discover the back of the hair is a mess and only looked good in the box 
  5. Many dolls are sewn into the outfits which limits restyling options
Do you have other pros and cons? Send them to us.

Please Don't Blame Barbie for Body Issues

April 18, 2011
I was watching the "Today Show" on NBC this morning. A college student has decided to point to Barbie as a reason for the body issues some girls (and boys) have. She has created a life size Barbie to show how unrealistic her body measurements would be for a real person.


Barbie is not meant to be a real person. She is a doll. Anyone that looks to Barbie as an example for how they should look has issues much larger than the inflated balloons this student used on her Barbie model.

I am ver...

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