We are devoted to everything Barbie and members are from all over North Carolina. We also have members across the US and even in other parts of the world that participate online and in person at Barbie Convention.

We hold monthly meetings, usually on the 1st Saturday of the month. During our meetings, we share our recent purchases, do craft projects and workshops and just have a good time. 

We have also had field trips to museums and doll shows. 

We work on our charity projects like our doll donation project twice a year.

We have project days where we share our skills and help others with their projects.

Sometimes we get together for meals and shopping.

Every year we have a special Barbie birthday celebration in March where we celebrate our birthdays too.

We have a cookout in June and it is a family event when we all get together for food and fun.

We also have an annual holiday party in December.

The club sponsors a special event at Barbie Convention called the Southern Event. It is a great chance to meet others and have a good meal. You get the chance to win lots of prizes too.

The group members keep in regular contact using a Yahoo group.


Celebrating Barbie's 50th Birthday 

Visiting the Barbie Exhibit at the NC Museum of History 

Barbie Exhibit at Ellis Island